My Physio Job aims to help Physiotherapists find work in New Zealand…

Setting up business in provincial New Zealand comes with it’s blessings and challenges.

Removed from the ‘big city’ environment where professionals tend call home we found ourselves struggling to attract permanent physiotherapists and locums to our little clinic in the “rapa”. To let them know that we had work available, great facilities, a great team and we needed them!

We’ve improved finding Physiotherapy jobs in New Zealand for foreigners

For the physio applying from overseas they would look at an advert and have no idea where we were in relation to all the places they wanted to visit. It was hard enough for them to get their foreign tongues around the word ‘Wairarapa’ so convincing them to consider a move here was something else.

But that was only half the battle. Letting them know we had work was the first hurdle. There’s lots of avenues for advertising out there but we were struggling to find one that really worked for us. One that was affordable, user friendly and engaging with social media.

And on that thought I sat and pondered… I could wait for someone else to set something up or I could get on and do it myself. And so with traditional kiwi can do attitude I decided to set up a website which would help physiotherapists to find us (and others)! My Physio Job was born!

How My Physio Job helps foreigners and Kiwis find private and govt physiotherapy jobs NZ wide

My Physio Job is a place where physiotherapy vacancies can be easily found, featured and filled! A site where New Zealand employers can shout out about their job vacancies and all they have to offer. A place for physiotherapy job seekers from far and wide, looking to work in Aotearoa New Zealand, to find their place.

I hope that My Physio Job will bring some amazing clinicians your way and help all the little guys out there in provincial and small town New Zealand to put their clinic on the map.

Maryanne Monastra

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Our Mission

To be New Zealand’s go to Physiotherapy job board where vacancies can be easily found, featured and filled!

Our Vision

At My Physio Job we understand the employment difficulties faced by practices big and small.
We understand the needs of the rural physiotherapy community to have their place on the map just as much as the city folk.

We understand the mission of every practice owner to make their clinic stand out and their physio job vacancies visible.

My Physio Job’s vision is to connect the physiotherapy community and put everyone on the map.